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Professional LED Digital Studio

LED digital light is controlled by microcomputer chip, digital tube display. Add international general 
DMX512 function, double data control interface, the traditional context of general interface and the 
Ethernet cable interface. At the same time it has the following characteristics: the output power 
stepless adjustable light, color temperature can be adjusted, security isolation dc voltage power 
temperature protection circuit, built-in automatic cooling system.
1. Controlled by microcomputer chip
2. International general DMX512 function
3. Double data control interface
4. Built-in automatic cooling system
5. Built-in temperature protection circuit
2. For telestudio lighting/press interview
The lifespan of CS-600 is approximate 50000 hours, and it is suitable to work in the studio due to the low
   heat dissipation.
3. For video recording/microfilm
   Compact design with the small size, CS-600 is portable and makes great light effects is various applications.
1× LED Light Body
1× Power Line
1× Adapter
1× User's Manual
1× Photography Carrying Bag Case