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Multifunction Folding Spade Tool


You have now the chance to be one step ahead of everyone. Even if we promote this shovel as a camping gadget, this is more than that. Thanks to its multiple blades, features, the foldable spade is one of the best shovels you will ever find. It delivers any help you need.

If you decide to go on a road trip and end it on a camping or into the wild this is the must-have tool you need to carry in your car. It is foldable and lightweight which makes it easy to store and easy to carry.

If you live in a house and you have a nice garden, this spade tool will always be there for you.

It is a multifunction folding shovel made of aluminum alloy handle and stainless steel blade. 

The blade has multifunctional knifes suitable for different activities. 

Product Parameters:
Item:  New Multifunction Folding Shovel
Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy
Shovel Material: 3CR13 stainless steel
Surface Treatment:Special Oxidation Treatment
Color:Black, Golden
Total Length: 74cm / Length of Handle: 57.5cm / Length of Shovel: 16.5cm / Width of Shovel: 13.0cm
Thickness of Shovel: 0.26cm 
Design For:Exploring, Camping, Traveling, Hiking, Driving Emergent Tools
Package include:1 shovel, carry pouch 
A must have tool for outdoor activities.
Compact size and folding design make it easy to pack or carry.
Made of special corrosion resistant stainless steel, durable and hardness.
Aviation Aluminum alloy handle with delicate pattern, lightweight and comfortable non-slip grip.
Multi-function Tool, features compass, screwdriver, knife, shovel,  bottle opener, rope cutter, saw, chopper all-in-one.
Freely combine handle, flexibly change the length and function.