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Multi-functional Nut Mini Smart Tracker


Portable Nut Mini Smart Tracker Tag GPS Bluetooth 4.0 Key Finder Sensor Wallet Pet Child Locator 

Main Features:
• Smart Anti-Lost: When Nut mini is out of the safety range, your phone will beep to alarm you
• Bidirectional Alarm: When the phone is left behind and out of safety range, Nut mini and your phone will both beep to alarm you
• One Touch Find: Call Nut by pressing the " Beep" button on Nut App, Nut will beep for you to find it 
• Location Record: Nut App will show you the location where and when Nut got disconnected on the map
• Mini Size: Portable, it can be put into the wallet, bag, etc.
• Powered by 1pc CR2016 battery 
• Three colors: blue, green, white

Connection Distance:
The connection distance between Nut and your phone depends on the Bluetooth signal. When you use Nut outdoors with few blocks, the distance can be as far as 30 - 50 meters; when you use Nut indoors with walls and people around you, the distance will be around 10 - 30 meters