GoHawk HD 8X32 Compact Binoculars

Size Guide

  • SPECTACULAR HD QUALITY: The Wingspan Optics GoHawk delivers a Birdwatching Experience Vastly Superior to even Pricier Pairs of Binoculars. Unlike typical compact binoculars, these are specially designed for birdwatchers with an Extra Wide Field of View, Close Focus, Lighter weight and Phase Coated Optics to take your bird watching experience to a higher level.
    GREATER DETAIL AND COLOR:The GoHawk HD gives you an amazing, clear, sharp HD image along with laser 1.5m Close Focus. And an Extra-Wide Field of View that lets you easily spot birds in flight or behind dense trees.
    PUT MORE POWER IN YOUR POCKET! Designed for the Bird Watcher on the Go. Great Optics don't have to be heavy anymore. Enjoy your Bird Watching experience without the fatigue of large, heavy binoculars.
    ELIMINATES GHOSTING, BLURRINESS AND FOCUS ISSUES: Multi-coated lenses and phase correction coated prisms give you a sharp, clear HD image at all times. The 32mm fully multi-coated lenses give you all the brightness and color fidelity you need for birding.




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