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Float Seat Boat Tube Ring Car Sun shade Water Swim


Do you think your baby is too small to learn how to drive? You better think again, there is never too soon for such a pleasure especially when he can do it on the water.

Think different and offer your baby something more than just a water inflatable ring. This inflatable baby car may be the solution. What do you think? Are you afraid he will drive better than you?

I don’t think so! In return, be the one teaching him the art of driving from an early age. The traffic won’t be too heavy as you may be the only one having such a gadget.

The baby float car seat comes with a plastic wheel so your kid can get used to this style. It is a very comfortable floating seat which will make your baby enjoy every second in the pool. It's available in two colors and it also comes with a solar protection.

Applicable People: Child