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Broadlink A1 e-Air Smart Home Air Detector - EU PLUG WHITE AND GREEN

  • Broadlink A1 e-Air Wireless Air Quality Detector Sensor Remote Control Smart Home Sensor
    Brief Introduction
    The Broadlink A1 air detector, can detect the environment indexes, including VOC, voice, humidity, temperature, and so on, control your device on your smartphone when you are away from home, protect your family's health. Connect to your home and office WiFi without specific gateway, A1 is an all-in-one environment detector that you deserve to own it.

    Main Features:
    • Detector: VOC, voice, light, humidity, temperature, noise detection are installed in the A1.
    • Adding other detectors: Other elements of detection will be added in the future through the external plug-in.
    • Easy configuration: Connect to your home and office WiFi, no gateway needed.
    • Smart control: Control your devices anywhere at anytime through the app e-Control.
    • Interaction with other Broadlink smart devices.
    • Compact size and elegant design, a modern decoration in your home.
    • By setting the time, the Broadlink smart devices will automatically work.
    • WiFi frequency: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n.