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GS - TWS A Wireless Bluetooth Mini Earphone - BLACK

  • • The built-in magnet attracts the earplugs when you do not need them, greatly decreasing the burden on ears and giving you a convenient storage way to carry around
    • Flexible and lightweight, flexible and durable silicone neckband, 60 percent lighter than any other neckband headset, you will even forget you have them on
    • Best workout sweatproof Bluetooth headphones, great for walking, jogging, hiking, biking, gym and some other activity
    • Adopted with true wireless technology
    • The right and left headphone sync with each other through wireless and provide stereo output sound
    • With easy to use buttons, superb sound quality headset
    • Clear high and low volume. Best wireless earbuds sound
    • With the built-in microphone, you can easily take calls
    • Voice dialing. Superb microphone quality, ideal for in-car calling and friends chatting or working use
    • This true wireless earbud is sweatproof. Dust-proof filter designed at the sound unit part, protect the earbud and prolong the use time
    • Come with intelligent charging box with high capacity lithium battery provides 4 - 6 times charges for continuous use
    • Charging box provides the fast charge. Compact size, easy to carry for outside or travel
    • The battery capacity of charging base is 1000mAh