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Waterproof Camping Rafting Dry Bags

Blue 5L
Orange 5L
White 5L
Black 10L
Blue 10L
Black 20L
Blue 20L

People who love camping they know that this kind of life is one of the greatest one, but sometimes the adventure can get wilder than they expect.

Nothing compares with exploring the wild forest and the wild surroundings. But what happens when it starts raining and some of your stuff get wet? This is one of the biggest that a camper can encounter. But don’t worry! We have anything you want here

These dry bags are ready to offer you the comfort you were looking for. If you decide to go for a long hike. Don’t worry about the rain, just fill the waterproof bag with all the important stuff and go for it.

The most important features:

1. Soft and flexible rip-stop fabric with watertight roll-top closure for maximum compression 
2. Polyurethane coated with watertight, double-stitched, tape-sealed seams for professional waterproof 
3. It can carry food and drink, clothes, wallet, cell phone, tablets PC notebook and other personal belongings 

Material: PVC mesh cloth 
Capacity: 5L 
Color: Orange, Blue, White 
Suitable for: Outdoor activities such as hiking,traveling,camping and so on
Type: Pocket, Multi Tools
Material: PVC mesh cloth
Capacity: 5L/10L/20L

5L Flat size: Approx.38 * 28cm(H * W)
10L Flat size: Approx.32* 48cm(W * H)
20L Flat size: Approx.36.5* 64cm(W * H)